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By Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey's first chapbook, Eviscerare, goes inside the mind of a father with his children on a camping trip. The book length poem is straightforward, quiet, unassuming. Something happens along the way, a shadow appears, unstated, a weight: a father trying to carry on. The shadow (fear, understanding, resignation, acceptance) remains long after the book is put away. (Publication Date: March 1st, 2017.)




Ghosting America
By John Knoll

Across the desert, into the city of broken glass and streaming jazz, John Knoll rolls us across the country with a melodic voice. his poems sing with hope and excitement and still maintain contact with that deeper ache that connects us all to each other. One hip-hop soulful tune here in Ghosting America. (Publication Date: February 1st, 2017.)




Primate Poems
By Danny Rosen

Primate Poems exemplifies the nature of a very young species coming into awareness of itself. Many of the story-like poems are moments of ‘something going on’ in the midst of ‘normal’ life, walking up the stairs, leaning on the counter, watching the ballgame... Immersed in geological and astronomical thought, these poems ruminate on punctuated equilibrium, the empathy of distance, interactions between dolphin-human-dog-beaver, Japanese tourism, and the possibility that the savior of the trilobites has indeed returned.



Even Now
By Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer & Jill Sabella

Even Now pares Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer's expansive work down to three lines in this collection of poems, each paired with a spare drawing by artist Jill Sabella.The image-poem interaction floats on the page, evoking old ideas, bonfires burning out of control, feelings of long ago, touch hope, and the possibility of Spring. 




Counting In Dog Years
By Frank H. Coons

Counting In Dog Years is the new collection from Frank H. Coons, a small animal veterinarian, who spent his career in close proximity to life and death.Here, the experienced thinker, with science in his bones, flexes his well-formed poetry muscles. The book begins with an homage to his masters.The poems that follow reveal his close study, each with an essence of fundamental importance. 



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