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Counting In Dog Years



Counting In Dog Years 

  by Frank H. Coons

L. Luis Lopez

L. Luis Lopez is a professor emeritus from Colorado Mesa University. He is the author of four books of poetry, Musings of a Barrio Sack Boy, A Painting of Sand, Each Month I Sing and Andromeda to Vulpecula: 88 Constellation Poems. He is the winner of the American Book Award, as well as the Writers Digest Award, and has been published in numerous literary magazines. 

Tammy Bendetti

Tammy Bendetti has published poems in Alyss, Bitopia, Calliope, Fiolet & Wing, Fire Poetry, Grand Valley Magazine, scissors & spackle, Sugared Water, Thank You for Swallowing, Yellow Chair Review and elsewhere. She writes and makes art from Colorado, where she lives with her partner, Corey, and their two little daughters. Corey denies the existence of narwhals. Please send help in the form of additional proof to @SkylarkLover, https://www.patreon.com/TammyBendetti, or https://artbytammybendetti.wordpress.com.