Robert Silbernagel

Paperback / 230pp
ISBN 9781946583291

First Draft: Exploring the History of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah

Ordinary people living and working in extraordinary circumstances shaped the development of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. In First Draft, Robert Silbernagel tells the stories of some of those people, from early Native Americans to settlers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Through these stories, First Draft offers the reader glimpses into the amazing history of the region and insight into the unique people and groups who inhabited it.

ABOUT ROBERT SILBERNAGEL — Robert Silbernagel has been writing about history in newspapers, magazines and books since 1975. He retired as the editorial page editor of The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado, and currently writes a history column for the newspaper. He is an avid horseman and enjoys outdoor activities in the West, as well as reading and writing about history.


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