Danny Rosen

ISBN 978-1946-583345 
64pp / paperback
March 2024

Suspended Erosion is a long poem about and from the point of view of the rock - written in conjunction with a suspended rock installation at OrbitArtSpace, Fruita, Colorado March, April, 2024. In, Suspended Erosion, with words and images, Rosen exemplifies anti-gravity systems (first proposed by Commander Robert L. Jones) along with possible outgrowths: flying stones, hovering poets... Like ballpoint pens from outer space and GPS, it's hard to tell no longer where you are but when you go around the bend, mountains and all. If you're waiting for the dam to burst you're not alone when the potential for better mileage comes with a new poem. The sun also muses.



this hanging stuff is completely silly - ape with drill chimp with cable - self-absorbed stones - hung on the heels of kinks in the mind - sacred act - rock benediction - resurrected lithics shall not suffer - drilled to the core - open to the soul of the stone - relieve the pain of the bound grain - healer of an earthen ache - guilty of nothing but gaining not ground but what follows underfoot




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