Kyle Harvey

Kyle Harvey is a poet, filmmaker, photographer and musician. Harvey was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award (Hyacinth, Lithic Press 2013) and winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in A Dozen Nothing, American Life in Poetry, Dream Pop, Empty Mirror, Heavy Feather Review, HOUSEGUEST, Pith, Poems-For-All, Scribbler, SHAMPOO, Think Journal, The Wallace Stevens Journal and elsewhere. Lithic Press published his serial poems July and Farewell Materials, as well as Coolidge & Cherkovski: In Conversation, a book edited by Harvey. His collection, Cosmographies, is forthcoming from Cuneiform Press 2020. His first film, Portolano: A Film About Jack Mueller, premiered in October 2018. He recently premiered his second film, It’s Nice To Be With You Always: A Film About Neeli Cherkovski, at the Omaha Film Festival. He lives with his wife and children in Fruita, Colorado.


The soil is soiled by the blood of a child,
the soil is soiled
the soil is soiled by blood,

a flower blooms, reborn in the musty breaths
of layered gray, in the musty breaths 
of mountain caves, in the musty breaths
from the west near Thrace.

In the comfort of angels a child has starved,
in the comfort of angels
in the comfort of angels a child,

the last of his soprano muffled by a rush,
a clash of altos in the winds of green,
roots held down by first and second priests,
in the rush of wind a child has starved.

The child is laid upon a bed 
of ash and willow, dirt and leaves,
under a blanket, the black leather of night. 

To mourn at the end and in the shortness of days,
to mourn in the weary corners of grief,
to mourn in darkness, hour after hour

in the black tar mastic,
cold whore moan
of lonely nights, 
we mourn, we mourn, we mourn. 

When the hot sick panic begins to boil,
when the hot sick panic
when the hot sick panic begins,
nothing but emphatic Holy static
nothing but Holy static
nothing but
nothing but Holy

The days grow longer and the weight shifts,
the hell of night begins to lift,
spring’s firstborn spills from blue, 
bulbs upturned at the ends of their stems.

The Holy static slowly fades away,
the Holy static slowly
the Holy static slowly fades,

piles of cold dry bones near the mouths of caves
brought back to life by the will of the wind, 
brought back to life by the will of his breath, 
to the west in vanished layers, 
layers and layers and layers of gray. Still

every year we mourn in darkness,
every year we mourn the blood of a child
starved in the comfort of angels, every year 
we mourn for Hyacinth
in the tight black leather of night.






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